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Hotel Petrol Head


For engine lovers, the first Petrol Head of the Alps.

The Miramonti Park Hotel in Bormio is also part of Petrol Head!


If you are wondering what "Petrol Head" means, we could break it down to "engine enthusiast". Yes, today the Miramonti Park Hotel in Bormio is a Petrol Head hotel, that is, it has become a reference point for those who love engines, from performance cars to modern and historic cars.

Lucio Da Zanche, the owner of the hotel alongside his father Geremia and brother Dario, is the 2016 Historic Italian Rally Champion yet again with his Porsche.

A Petrol Head Hotel in Bormio


Bormio  is a pearl set among its beautiful mountains of Alta Valtellina, starting from Bormio the road that climbs along the hairpin bends of the Stelvio Pass (Lombard side), is the highest passable pass in Europe, a road so beautiful that it aspires to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Bormio the Valfurva also begins and a little more than 10 km separate it from S. Caterina, where the road rises in gradient and reaches the Gavia Pass, which is also one of the most beautiful and highest passable passes in Europe.

If, on the other hand, you descend from Bormio towards Milan, just over 20 km away, there is a detour to the Mortirolo Pass, a narrow, steep asphalt serpentine with gradients that often exceed 20%, and last but not least, the Bernina Pass, a beautiful road in Swiss territory that connects the Valtellina to the nearby Engadine and S. Moritz.

A game of passes, roads, those just mentioned, which give goose bumps not only to cycling enthusiasts. Passes that remind us of the epic challenges of the great champions of yesterday and today and that have become a pilgrimage destination for all cyclists in the world, who at least once in their lives dream of trying their hand at the task of reaching these majestic peaks, no matter the cost.

However, these mountains, these roads, these strips of asphalt, are also a destination for fans of 2 and 4 wheelers powered by an engine, the engine for the Passion for engines.

When a motorcycle or a car is not only a means of transport, but it becomes one with its driver, that is a way to experience true excitement, alone or in company, it is a moment to remember for the rest of your life.

This is why, for those who have made their passion a credo, an idea; we offer a special stay and holiday, in a special hotel, the first Petrol Head hotel in the Alps, the Miramonti Park Hotel in Bormio.

Lucio Da Zanche will be happy to guide you, explain and advise you how to fully enjoy the excitement of the magnificent area of Bormio and the roads that surround it.

Thanks to the friendship and passion shared with Max Zen, an expert motorbike tourer from Valtellina, we are on a Mission to open up new horizons for Bormio. Having started in 2017, with a collaboration with Libermoto, a leading agency in the field of motorbike travel organisation in Italy, Europe and the world, and HP Motorrad, a leader in motorbike rentals in Italy, Bormio is aiming to become a central meeting and starting point for fantastic tours for two-wheeled enthusiasts.

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