Stelvio National Park

One of the nature tourist resources that the Bormio area can rightly boast about is without a doubt the Stelvio National Park, created in the early 1960’s, most of it extending into the Sondrio Province, and there are more than one hundred glaciers that cover one tenth of its territory.

The Park altitude is between 650 metres and 3899 metres (Ortler range); therefore the vegetation varies, changing physiognomy and composition depending on the altitude and other environmental parameters. This area is the kingdom of the golden eagle (the symbol of the Park), the marmot and obviously the chamois, deer, roe and ibex.

For total immersion in the nature one can choose among a series of itineraries, especially marked, from the simplest ones for children and the elderly to the more demanding ones for expert mountain climbers.
There are guided tours all year round, led by qualified guides, even during the winter with snow rackets.
For people who like glacier walks, there is a glacier trail on the splendid natural amphitheatre of the Forni glacier, the largest one in the Alps!

An insight intothe wealth of alpine flora in the Stelvio National Park is represented by the Rezia Botanical Garden, just outside Bormio. The botanical garden contains a collection of hundreds of plants, flowers and herbs that grow not only in the Stelvio Park but also in other mountainous areas around the world.

While you are near the Rezia Botanical Garden, we recommend a visit to the Natural History Mineralogy Museum where an excellent collection of minerals and crystals from the area is on display, as well as the fauna that populates our Park.