Our Excursions

A day in Val Cancano:

We leave the hotel in the morning and our Jeeps drive you to Val Cancano (1900 m. alt.) in the Stelvio National Park.

We continue driving through the valley, alongside the Val Cancano lakes, enclosed by imposing dams. Geremia (with his great hunter’s eye) will be pleased to track down and show you splendid specimens of chamois, deer or ibex that inhabit the majestic Val Cancano mountains. Lunch is scheduled at Villa Valania Chalet, a few dozen metres from Scale Lake. The menu reflects our mountain traditions, sciatt (a local type of pancake) and pizzoccheri (a local type of buckwheat pasta), grilled meat, the inevitable ‘taragna’ polenta and as much wine as you want.

After lunch… it’s time for a nap, and a spacious solarium is available for sunbathers. Return to Bormio in the late afternoon, but only after a visit to the splendid small church of Pedenosso, which is on the return journey.

A day at the “Malga Zandilla”:

We leave the hotel in the morning on our Jeeps and we climb up to Monte, a hamlet of Santa Maria in Valdisotto. From here the more willing can continue on foot along the remaining 3 km up to the Malga Zandilla at 2000 m alt. (‘malga’ is a traditional alpine herdsman’s hut)

The panoramic view from up there is breathtaking, the Bormio basin and everything else is framed by the imposing Mount Reit with the characteristic conformation of the Rhaetian Alps.
Polenta and mixed grill, then return to Bormio in the afternoon.

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