Bormio Thermal Baths

Via Stelvio, 14
23032 Bormio (SO)
Tel: 0342.901325 – Fax 0342.90522

Bormio Terme uses innovative equipment and skilfully blends comfort, relaxation, fun and wellbeing.

In addition to the therapeutic opportunity for various kinds of health conditions (respiratory diseases, gynaecological affections, locomotor disorders and skin diseases) Bormio Terme boasts an absolutely beautiful, sober recreational sports section for regaining wellbeing thanks to the benefits of bathing in hot springs.

Bormio Terme is one of the most spectacular and complete European health spas in the Alps and offers:

      The “Four Seasons” swimming pool has a total capacity of 240 m2, of which 140 are outdoors, with 110 cm depth and 33° C temperature. This spa swimming pool is pleasant in every season: the indoor section, equipped with a hydromassage area and current swimming grants moments of fun and relaxation, whereas the warm outdoor part has a wonderful view, while stretched out on one of the twelve hydromassage sunbeds, of the fantastic Bormio panorama, the ski runs and the surrounding mountains even in the coldest times of year, enclosed by snow yet enjoying the warmth of the hot springs. It is equipped with a special circular area that has hydromassages in the indoor part, while in the outdoor part current swimming is available.
      Two waterfalls of spa water at 28/29° C with various jets give movement to the outdoor pool: more than 120 m2 with water for having fun in total freedom. The variable depth, from 110 to 160 cm, consents outdoor swimming, enclosed by the splendid Terme park. Pleasure in movement: this could be the name of a spa pool where the temperature, while still pleasant, prompts movement. The contrast with the warmer “Four Seasons” pool is obvious and pleasant: for personal wellbeing and physical form, we recommend alternating the two pools.
      Specially designed for children, the slide – a 55 metre long duct where the warm spa water flows – is also enjoyed by adults: exciting and pleasant, accessible from an indoor stairway or the lift, fun is guaranteed to anyone over the age of 10!
      real fun for the smallest ones, where they have 36 m2 to play with the spray from a serpent in the pool or be sprayed by the water falling from an enormous mushroom.
      A small multi-coloured slide completes the game, having fun going downhill. Furthermore, the 33° C make it pleasant and suited to children of any age, who can have fun in total freedom.
      The outdoor pool is round in shape and, during the hottest times of year gives the smallest children much fun in the water. A colourful seal squirting water and a funny tearful clown set in 50 m2 of water at 28° C, guarantee fun in total safety.
      The sports spa swimming pool (about 25 metres by 16), with a temperature of about 28° C, has an increasing depth from 1.2 to 1.8 metres, so that anyone can use it safely.The size of the pool and its water temperature mean that swimming courses for adults and children can be arranfed as well as aquagym classes and there are special lanes where sports swimmers can swim without being disturbed.
      Bormio Terme’s Finnish sauna, made in wood as required by tradition, has a temperature between 85° C and 100° C, with relative humidity between 10% and 40%. Perspiration prevents the skin from exceeding 42° C (the pain threshold is 46°), whereas the body’s internal temperature increases by 1° at the most. Sauna time should be 8-15 minutes, going from the lowest to the highest bench. When you want to leave, move slowly to a sitting position, then stand up. At the end, rinse off in the various showers available, then enter the cold water pool.
      There are various inhalation treatment techniques that introduce into the lungs the more or less finely fractioned spa water and the gasses contained in it.
      In addition to the direct and local action on the respiratory tree, general action is obtained also through mucosa, lymphatic vessels and blood circulation, concerning organs and apparatus even remotely.
      Bormio Terme also operates within the Italian National Health Service for inhaling treatments.
      The inhalation techniques carried out in the Bormio spa use sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy water and are:

Inhalations – Flowing water aerosol – Sonic aerosol – Ionic aerosol – Micronized showers

As partner hotel of Bormio Terme, the Miramonti Park Hotel can guarantee special rates to guests.