Bormio in summer

If in the winter Bormio is the capital of international skiing, in the summer it becomes a natural stage of incredible beauty surrounded by the highest and most suggestive mountains of the Stelvio National Park.

Known and appreciated already in Roman times as a health and spa resort, Bormio Basin’s favourable geographical location has made it a summer holiday place throughout the centuries for important authoritative historical figures such as Pliny the Elder, Leonardo da Vinci and Victor Emmanuel.

The paths immersed in greenery are ideal for trekking, mountain biking or horseriding, passing from the gentle surroundings of the woodlands to the more intrepid rocky peaks and on to the feet of the perennial glaciers.

Due to the wide variety on offer, there are all levels of excursions, from walks at low altitudes to the more demanding ones where it is best to be accompanied by the Alta Valtellina Alpine Guides. With them you can climb in absolute safety the glaciers you had only been able to admire from the bottomof the valley or you can venture scaling a rocky wall.

If you long for snow, don’t miss out on skiing on the Stelvio Glacier, just 20 minutes from Bormio by car. Stelvio, just as Gavia and Mortirolo, is also a destination yearned for by numerous cyclists from all over the world who don’t want the greatest uphill climbs of the Alps to be missing from their list of conquests.

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