Bagni di Bormio Spa Resort

Valdidentro (So) – Strada dello Stelvio
Tel. 0342 910131 – Fax 0342 911576

The numerous thermal water springs offer detoxicating and relaxing properties to anyone in search of a break from the daily stress of city life in truly unique surroundings and regenerating and invigorating properties to anyone wanting to regain physical well-being after a day’s skiing or an excursion in the Stelvio National Park.

Our hotel has a special agreement with the Bagni di Bormio Spa Resort. Book with us directly and you will get a reduction on admission fee as well priority admittance in case of large turnouts.


A plunge in history spanning over 2,000 years, from the Roman Baths to the century-old caves that lead to one of the millenary springs, to the outdoor panoramic swimming-pool overlooking the Bormio valley. Unique timeless emotions through immersion in history in search of ageless well-being.

Six sections with specific thermal trails: relaxing, regenerating, detoxicating in cave environment, invigorating and rebirth, in a moving suggestive décor that is simply unique in the world. The Roman Baths known since the 1st century B.C., the Baths of the Archduchess named after the Archduchess of Austria, who used to spend summer periods at the Bagni Vecchi of Bormio; the Sudatorium Cave of San Martino that leads to one of the springs in the heart of the mountain, the Medieval Baths, the Imperial Baths and the panoramic swimming-pool overlooking the “Magnificent Land”.

Access permitted to children over 14 only.


The Bagni Nuovi Spa and Wellness centre is part of the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi of Bormio and consists of four sections with specific thermal paths. A unique decor filled with rigorously natural aromas, lights, images and colours. Over thirty thermal facilities are available including seven outdoor tubs and swimming-pools that can be enjoyed all year round in ample sunny garden setting.

The circuit starts in the gardens, bathed in warmth and sunlight from the early morning hours to sunset, crosses a modern tunnel in minimal style and leads to the underground floor decorated in Liberty style.

Four sections each with a specific thermal circuit: Starting with the Gardens of Venus and their regenerating trail, one reaches the Cave of Neptune and its detoxicating trail, then the Baths of Jupiter, which offer aquatonic-revitalising trail and finally the Baths of Hercules for a relaxation trail.

Each section holds in store special moments which convey harmonious well-being of body and mind; the beauty of the natural settings, the fragrances of nature and woodland melodies deliver unique timeless sensations.

Access permitted to children over 5 if accompanied by parents.